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Hi, I'm Sierra!

Hi! I'm Sierra. A 27-year-old creative originally from the coast and currently residing in Eugene, Oregon. When I'm not out taking photographs, you can catch me in a coffee shop catching up with a friend, paddle boarding my favorite PNW lakes, dabbling on my piano, traveling the world (I perpetually want to be in Italy. sigh.), and geeking out over design and typography. Oh, and I'm usually singing some sort of Disney princess tune or musical ballad because life's too short to not keep some childhood rituals forever!

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My journey began way back in high school yearbook when, as a young sophomore, my lack of football interest paid off when my peers refused to photograph the games and I volunteered as tribute! As I grew in love with photography, I had my first internship at the young age of 15 with a photographer in my hometown. The very first day on the job, he said "I need a second photographer, ready to capture a wedding today?" And the rest was history. Sort of. I studied at the University of Oregon and have a bachelor's degree in journalism where I focused in magazine design and photojournalism. Currently I am getting my master's degree in counseling. The unifying theme? I'm obsessed with story and find it a joy and an honor to help others navigate, memorialize, and cherish their own unique stories and journeys. Photography isn't just a job for me; it connects me to others, helps me to remember all the beauty that exists in this world, and truly has helped me to create meaning in my own life. This career is a gift and I wouldn't trade it for the world. But enough about me, let's get you in front of this camera!

My journey began way back in high school yearbook...









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